Employee Benefits


Employee benefits are among the primary tools used to attract and  retain a top-notch staff for any organization. Creating a plan that  balances the goals of both the organization and its employees requires  thorough analysis and review of benefit options and costs. Without the  assistance of skilled benefit plan professionals, creating and managing  the plan can consume much time and money.

Whether you’re in charge of a small start-up company or a large  enterprise, we have the proven knowledge and experience to develop an  employee benefits package that will optimize the best benefits possible  for your company at the lowest available cost. You will receive  strategic planning advice, creative benefit design, and financial  management to help you meet your plan objectives and long-term goals.

We will evaluate your business and learn about its needs, offering  creative and affordable solutions to help maximize your employee  retention and profitability.


Group Insurance

 Coverage underwritten on members of a natural group, such as employees  of a particular business, union, association, or employer group. Each  employee is entitled to benefits for hospital room and board, surgeon  and physician fees, and miscellaneous medical expenses. There is a  deductible and a Coinsurance requirement each employee must pay. 


Now more than ever, employers need an advocate to assist them in  understanding how the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will affect them.  Changes are coming in almost every week from our government causing the  medical providers to change their procedures. Most employers do not have  an in-house specialist to keep up with all the changes. Some are forced  to wade through this on their own or place their trust in an  unqualified agent.

At Regal Group, INC. we are on top of the latest changes no  matter where they originate. We have a fiduciary responsibility to our  clients and will offer the most competitive rates along with creative  plan designs.

Group Gap Insurance

 Gap Insurance provides indemnity benefits to help offset larger  financial out-of-pocket expenses related to events such as  hospitalization, outpatient surgery and diagnostic tests. Benefits are  paid directly to insureds so they can use the money for both medical and  non-medical related expenses. 

Group Level Funding

 Level funding offers the same coverage and protection as fully-funded  insurance plans, with the opportunity to get a refund on any un-used  claims dollars. How does that work? The same as fully-funded insurance  plans – a large portion of your premium dollars are put into reserves to  pay claims. With level-funding plans, if your group has a healthy year  they keep the claims dollars at the end of the contract term.  Level-funded can be coupled with a PPO, POS, and HMO service platforms. 

Group Disability Insurance

  •  Short Term Usually covers 1st day accident, 8th day illness and up  to 26 weeks of disability. A flat amount is typically provided as the  weekly benefit.
  • Long Term Coverage begins after a 60 or 90 day elimination period.  Funds replace appoximately 50% to 66% of the employees income. Benefits  can be from two to age 65.

Group Dental Insurance

  •  Preventive Care This plan normally pays 100%. A small deductible may apply.
  • Basic Services This plan is usually paid at 80% after a small  deductible. It covers, but is not limited to, fillings, restoration,  extractions and sealants.
  • Major Services Usually paid at 50% after a small deductible.  Examples of coverage include crowns, inlays, bridges, periodontic work.

Group Vision Insurance

You only get one set of eyes. Take care of them. Your eyes not only  affect how you see, but how you feel. Caring for your vision can lead to  a better quality of life, including:

  • Fewer headaches
  • Better performance at school
  • Less computer eye strain
  • More effectiveness at work
  • Better performance in sports

It all starts with an eye exam.

Group Life Insurance


The plan will cover an employee for a flat amount equal to one, two,  or three times the employee's annual salary. The employee may purchase  additional coverage if desired at his/her own expense. Dependent family  members may or may not be covered.

Our financial specialists can help you implement solutions to life  insurance needs of any kind. Whether you are looking for a low cost way  to ensure the well-being of loved ones, or to put a tax-sheltered  investment in place that allows for maximum contributions, we can find  the right fit for you. Out life insurance products range from Term Life  to Universal and Variable Universal Life, and we represent over fifteen  carriers.